House Church

Join us for House Church on Saturday nights at 6pm. For directions click here.

Our Kingdom Core Values
  • Develop the culture of honor by spiritual fathering and mothering, the Spirit of Sonship, and being life giving and grace filled.
  • We are chosen for greatness and we are identifying our identity, call, gifting and purposes.
  • Develop the culture of the Testimony by developing a faith filled life, the breaker anointing, and the Spirit of prophesy.
  • We are a community within a community with a common unity not uniformity. We are doing this by developing the Spirit of Understanding which brings the anointing for unity.
  • We are living from heaven to earth by developing a prophetic culture through the Word, worship, prayer and more.
  • We have a culture that values the Holy Spirit’s presence, gifts and power.
Our Vision
The house church is our way of living life in the Kingdom, in ordinary homes through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. The house churches are truly converted people who stop living their own life for their own ends, and start living a life of community within a community according to the values of the Kingdom of God.

 For more about our core beliefs click here