Issue-Focused Ministry Format
Our Issue-Focused ministry format focuses primarily on one major issue that is troubling you. Together, through prayer, we discover how the four problem areas work together to ignite and inflame the issue. We will apply the foundational truths to each area as we listen to God for counsel and direction.
The ministry session takes approximately three hours. These three hours can profoundly change your life as God sets you free from the root causes of an on-going burden in your life.

What are the root causes?

  1. Sins of the Fathers and the Resulting Curses: This problem is rooted in the 2nd commandment (Ex 20:3-6), where God visits "the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generations." God requires us to confess our ancestor's sin as well as our own (Lev 26:40). We help you focus on the confession of sin (I Jn 1:9) and appropriation of Christ's finished work on the Cross to break curses (Gal 3:13) and recover "legal ground" from the enemy (Col 2:14).
  2. Ungodly Beliefs: All of us inherit ungodly beliefs from our ancestors (i.e., parents, grandparents), as well as forming them from life's circumstances. These Ungodly Beliefs need to be changed into Godly Beliefs. This can be accomplished through a procedure of repentance and of renewing our mind (Rom 12:2).
  3. Soul/Spirit Hurts: Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (Lk 4:18). As we "Wait upon the Lord" with "Listening Prayer," He heals the hurts of our soul and spirit. He shows us what He wants to heal, and then, after we take care of necessary forgiveness and releasing, He heals what He has shown.
  4. Demonic Oppression: After we have "co-labored with Christ" to bring freedom and healing to the first three ministry areas in our lives, the various demonic strongholds oppressing us can be disassembled and destroyed (Mk 16:17).

Receiving Issue-Focused Ministry:

Most people will receive Issue-Focused Ministry through trained teams within their local church. If your local church does not have a Restoring the Foundations program then you may wish to contact a qualified team near you.

  • Find qualified Restoring the Foundations teams in the Northwest by emailing
  • To download the Issue Focused-Format Ministry Questionnaire that you will need to fill out before receiving ministy, click here.