Thorough-Format Ministry
The Thorough Format ministry experience examines the four problem areas that we all experience. As we go through the ministry experience, God will reveal patterns and cause and effect relationships--suddenly, understanding emerges. Often times you can point to several troubling issues, but at other times issues are uncovered that start to shed light on and make sense of circumstances in our lives we didn't quite understand. While the approach is systematic and thorough, God is tender and loving in revealing and healing our hurt.

During the 15 hours of ministry, we will apply the foundational truths to each problem area and systematically address the spiritual root causes as God graciously prepares our hearts and minds to receive his love. We'll begin with by getting to know one another and spend about three hours asking you questions and letting you clarify the issues and history in your life. The following four three-hour sessions will each focus on one of the four problem areas we all experience. Married couples will have a joint session at the beginning and end of the ministry time and private sessions for each of the four problem areas.

  1. Joint initial session for married couples (3 hours)
  2. Interview (3 hours)
  3. Generational Sins (3 hours)
  4. Ungodly Beliefs (3 hours)
  5. Life's Hurts (3 hours)
  6. Demonic Oppression (3 hours)
  7. Joint concluding session for married couples (3 hours)

Most people will receive Thorough-Format Ministry through trained teams within their local church or through our Healing House qualified teams. If your local church does not have a Restoring the Foundations program then you may wish to contact a qualified team near you. Thorough-Format ministry is 15 hours total for singles, and 21 hours for couples (individually). Times may be slightly longer or shorter, as the Holy Spirit directs.

  • To schedule a thorough RTF ministry session, contact Gary and Danice Duda, who are qualified Restoring the Foundations Ministers in the Pacific Northwest.  Email:
  • To download the My Story Thorough-Format Ministry Questionnaire that you will need to fill out before receiving ministy, click here.