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Junia Company

The Junia Company is an equipping mentoring ministry for women called to the five fold ministry.

What is the Junia Company?  The Junia Company is an Apostolic, Prophetic Company of women who are dedicated to seeing the most oppressed people group on the earth set free!

The Apostle Junia was mentioned in Romans 16:7 

Salute Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellow-prisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.

In Romans 16:7, Junia is named "outstanding among the apostles."  Despite the modern mistranslation of her name as masculine "Junias" or "Junius," no commentator prior to the 13th century questioned that this apostle was a woman. For example, John Chrysostom, whose writings often express misogyny, wrote of Romans 16:7, "O how great is the devotion of this woman that she should be counted worthy of the appellation of apostle!"2 This unanimity of testimony over a milennium is particularly striking since it remained during a long period of eroding toleration of women's ministries in the medieval church.  The reason for the witness is simple: all the ancient Greek and Latin manuscripts commending the oustanding apostles in Romans 16:7 read either "Junia" or "Julia", both feminine forms.

What do we know about the apostles?  According to the New Testament, apostles are given by God,6 workers of miracles,6 witnesses who proclaimed Christ's resurrection,7 founders and leaders of churches,8 preachers,9 teachers,10 disciplers, 11 and financial managers of the church.12 While not every apostle was necessarily involved in all these ministries, there is no reason to think that a recognized apostle such as Junia was barred from any of them.  Unlike many churches today, 1st century believers honored the women ministers God gave them.  Those who would diminish Junia's contribution should remember that Paul does not refer to her as a lesser apostle, but on the contrary praises her as outstanding among the apostles.  She was so outstanding an apostle that the pagan and Jewish persecutors of Christians saw her as dangerous and imprisoned her to prevent her from continuing her apostolic mission - unsuccessfully, it seems, for she and Andronicus had been released and were bravely continuing to minister in the church at Rome when Paul sent his epistle there.